The Trumpian Inflation


The Trump administration has widely touted the creations of jobs for the African American minority in the USA. What the administration fails to disclose is that African Americans and other minorities are being forced to take the least paying jobs, or ANY job, while their white counterparts often get the highest paying jobs available.

Discrimination in the United States is a real plight faced by minorities and by the disabled in the country. People of color and the disabled often have to work twice as hard to get good jobs, and their promotions are often slower. Over 95% of the top positions in Trump administration are filled by Caucasian staff, a dire example to be set for the rest of the country’s workforce.

The available jobs are often not only at minimum wage, but they also lack adequate security. The new government policies dictate that all those on welfare or in receipt of other public benefits must accept any job offered to them or lose their benefits. With such policies enacted, it is no stretch to the imagination why the Trumpian employment rates are ostensibly “higher”.

The stock market boom witnessed since 2017 has surreptitiously given rise to a specious inflation. In a society where over 70% of the people have no savings or stocks, the Dow Jones or Nasdaq figures make no difference to the day-to-day lives of the common citizens—yet, the semblance of a booming economy increases prices of goods, food, housing and interest rates, and it hits hard on none other than the common man.

The cost of living is on the rise, incomes have scarcely increased, affordable housing is scarce, homelessness abounds, many are losing access to healthcare services and their retirement savings, and there is no reprieve in sight.

The Trumpian inflation is now a terrifying reality.

Rita Aghadiuno
Benedict International, Inc.

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