The Nature of Poverty in Developing Countries

Poverty in developing countries.

The rich, the poor and the downtrodden have co-existed for thousands of years on our planet earth. Naturally, the rich live in state, the poor till the soil to eke out a living, while the downtrodden, weak, sick and helpless, must struggle for existence or beg for alms to survive.
When the poor and downtrodden receive assistance from the compassionate ones, they thankfully rejoice and call it charity.
But why do all classes of people suffer to survive? Some say “Fate”; after all, all mankind have death in common.
But the greedy and ambitious groups levy war on other groups, hiking prices, burning houses, killing people and destroying farmlands. Their victims would mobilize and retaliate. The wounded must then be treated in camps if hospitals have been destroyed meanwhile. The result becomes injuries to old men, displacement of women and their children, and abject poverty.

Our world is also plagued by natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, as well as flooding and landslides, which kill humans as well as animals in their thousands.

There are several international agencies around the world ready to give immediate aid to victims in countries where large numbers of the displaced and downtrodden are camped. For some, this aid comes too late.

The citizens of developing countries should, wherever possible, not vote into political power corrupt politicians and military men. They often loot the treasuries, stash their loots in foreign bank accounts, leaving their citizens poorer than ever.

Chinyelugo Benedict
Honorary Chairman of the Board
Benedict International, Inc.

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