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Margaret Benedict
Margaret Benedict (CEO)
Poverty is a phenomenon that inflicts without discrimination. Many are born into a world of poverty, and without the assistance and support of government, non-government and charity organizations, they can repeat the cycle of poverty in future generations.
Poverty can cause untold suffering, depression, anxiety, despair, desperation, sickness, addiction, seclusion, helplessness and constitutes thereby a major disability.
Benedict International, Inc.’s fundamental purpose is to reach out to those afflicted by poverty, in particular by providing direct assistance to poor single parents, the physically or mentally disabled, the neglected elderly, and the invisibly broken. We seek out the underprivileged who have been neglected, in the remote parts of cities and villages, and we provide direct customized assistance to foster the success of the neediest in each community we engage in.
Benedict International Inc. aims to excel as a leading international charitable organization, with services both in the United States and in parts of Africa.
The purposes for which the Benedict International Inc. corporation is formed are exclusively charitable within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
We provide direct assistance to the physically or mentally disabled, the vulnerable elderly, underprivileged parents, and the invisibly broken.
Many among us are afflicted by disability, poverty and marginalization, and they often suffer silently. We aim to reach out to these invisibly broken, one family at a time, to determine and assist them with their unique needs, which they cannot achieve alone. Find out how you can help.